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What to expect during your appointment

Before your in-home grooming appointment

Once you have your cat’s in-home grooming appointment scheduled with Sophisticated Mane, we will send you a link to enter your and your kitty’s information into our computer system. Following the link allows you to create an username and password, so that as medical issues or contact information changes you are able to easily update your info online.  You can also click Pawfinity Client Registration to enter your info. Please do not request an appointment via the computer software. This is only to enter your information. You must call, text, email, or Facebook message us to schedule a grooming appointment.

Before your appointment, we ask that you keep your routine as normal as possible. Cats pick up on changes in their environment and routine and may become stressed. We also request that you stay calm before and during the visit. Cats can sense your anxiety or frustrations, which may cause them to become fearful or anxious. If your cat is overly stressed, we may not be able to groom him/her.

During your appointment

We will bring everything needed to groom your cat with us to your appointment. We need enough room to set up a 2’x4′ table and an electrical outlet to plug in our clippers. We are able to set up in your home, on an enclosed patio, or in the garage.

Upon arrival, we will place a drop cloth down under our table to catch any falling hair. When we leave your home, we try to leave it as hair free as when we arrived.

Stacey or Julie will arrive with either Bowen or Jess to assist with your cat’s grooming. Many owners do not wish to assist with handling their kitties during the grooming process. You are welcome to watch your cat being groomed, but we will not require your assistance as some mobile groomers do.

After the grooming session, we will give your cat plenty of praise and a few treats or catnip if allowed. This will help reinforce that the grooming experience isn’t a bad experience and good things will happen when it’s over.

**We will no longer be offering routine bathing services for cats unless deemed medically necessary. There are many reasons for this decision. Most cats do not need routine bathing. Generally, cats are fastidious groomers and will keep their coat cleaned and conditioned on their own. There are a few instances in which a cat may need help and we welcome you to call and discuss the situation with us. Often cats are very stressed out by the bathing process. A majority of cats do not like water, and they find the sounds of the dryer stressful as well. Cats are more likely to injure themselves and/or us during the bathing session. We are also not ideally equipped to provide baths for cats. I believe the grooming process should be as stress free as possible. That is why we provide all services in the cat’s home. Because of this model, we do not have a mobile van and we must use the owners sink or tub. Depending on the owner’s set up, this can put your cat and us in an unsafe environment. If your cat is getting a bath, we will need to use your sink or bathtub. We will bring a cage, dryer, and towels with us.

*Please be aware, Sophisticated Mane would like to take photos of your cat before, after, and while being groomed to use for promotional, marketing and educational purposes. Your picture may be altered for the purposes of proper publication on the website. Sophisticated Mane retains the rights of such image(s). Basically, we like to take cat pictures to use on our website and for informational and marketing materials. We may use such photos for educational purposes in training new employees and to keep a record of any special grooming services. And it is really fun for you to show off to your friends and family!